I Wish to Everybody in 2022

I have never publicly summed up any results of the year and I will not change the tradition this time, but I want to publicly wish something to everybody. But it will not be “happiness and health” and not a crazy growth of revenue or user base, and not optimization of taxes or more profitable cooperation and partnerships, and not even travel (yes, I do not believe myself).
I would like to wish for EMPATHY! Yes, so simple, at first glance. I wish everyone to develop it in themselves and feel its influence from others in a difficult or not so difficult moment.

Empathy to all!!!

This article was updated on April 25, 2022
Vladi Esaulov

Vladi Esaulov

<p>Since 2005 I worked as a developer, as a system architect, as a team leader, and as a CTO. I’m developing products, teambuilding, and processes around of them.</p>